A beautiful ceremony awaits...

One of the latest wedding trends sweeping the country is the natural wedding. If you've been keeping your eyes on wedding trends at all, you know that this is an extremely popular trend! Whether you're someone who enjoys a sophisticated look for your wedding, or if you're someone who wants to have a dramatic looking ceremony...the natural wedding is something that everybody can definitely enjoy. Images of woodland features, moss, greenery, and rustic beauty comes to mind when you envision one of these ceremonies, and we're here to help you achieve just that for your wedding in Flint!

Flint is near to many fantastic state parks that are perfect for a natural looking ceremony. Be sure to consider locations that are both near and far...as it's your wedding, and you want it to be as beautiful as possible, and a little extra fuel isn't going to make a difference when you're using a professional transportation company. The closest state parks to the city of Flint include Sleepy Hollow State Park, Lakelands State Park, Maybury State Park, Seven Lakes State Park, Newaygo State Park, and more! These parks are all fantastic options for someone who wants to have a natural ceremony.

One of the best things about a natural looking wedding in Flint is the fact that you aren't going to have to spend a bunch of money on a venue if you choose to have your ceremony at a natural location such as a park. You may be required to get a special permit, but it's certainly not going to cost you an arm and a leg, like many popular venues in the area. Who would have thought that you could create a rustic ceremony without spending a ton of money? This is the best possible option for those looking to save money!

For the perfect outdoor wedding, be sure that all of your guests are comfortable. If your wedding is going to be hot, be sure to rent some large electric fans. If it's going to be cold, be sure to rent some portable heaters. Have a backup plan if it rains, such as a tent rental. Light fabrics like chiffons might make your ceremony a little less than modest if it's windy out...so keep that in mind, as well! Check out the site a week before the wedding to ensure the grass is mowed, things are raked, and garbage is picked up.

For decorations, be sure to head to your craft store for materials. There you'll find tons of nature inspired materials to inspire your creative mind! Decorations and lighting features that go well with this kind of ceremony include arches, trellises, strings of lights, paper lanterns in the trees, luninarias, torches, and farolitas. With a bit of creative expenditure, you're sure to end up with a woodland ceremony that you'll remember for the rest of your years. Your natural wedding is on it's way to completion with this guide...we hope you've found inspiration on your natural wedding location in Flint!